We are Cloud Picker, a micro coffee roastery established in 2013 & based on Sheriff Street in Dublin City Centre. We roast speciality coffee from all over the world and supply cafés & restaurants all around Ireland.


Roastery Assistant / Junior Roaster

July 24, 2017

Roastery Assistant / Junior Roaster Location: Cloud Picker Coffee Limited, Sheriff Street, D01 F8C2, Dublin 1.Commitment: Full-time (8am-4.30pm / Mon-Fri)Remuneration: Negotiable Start date: 21st Aug 2017 As a self standing position we will rely on your self motivation and strive to succeed. Your position is crucial in the smooth running of our business and further development of the Cloud Picker Brand. In order to achieve it we’d like you to work towards below points: Qualities: Always possess honesty and integrity Give our customers more than they expect  Be creative and resourceful  Optimize our financial resources  Never stop learning and growing  Embrace change and reevaluate systems  Communicate clearly and openly  Recognize individual and company success  Protect our commitment to quality  Be friendly... Continue Reading →

Roses are.... ?

July 17, 2017

Anyone who’s ever tried to describe a coffee can tell you it’s not easy. We experienced this recently in trying to pick flavour descriptions for Kelloo - a wonderful washed Ethiopian - (currently available in our webshop). Photo Credit - Hannah CampbellBetween us we settled fairly quickly on mandarin orange and pear to describe the fruity sweetness and acidity of this coffee - but Kelloo has a strong floral top-note that we were struggling to pin down. The closest we could get was ‘rose’, but none of us were really satisfied with it as a descriptor. In the end we picked ‘rose water’, trying to convey the extra weight and sweetness in the rose-like aroma of this coffee. I didn’t feel... Continue Reading →

Zip it up and save the cup

June 27, 2017

At Cloud Picker, we are always working to improve. We know that in order to get the best from our coffees as possible we don't just need to roast them well; we need to be able to source and store them well. With this in mind, we are always asking ourselves "is that the best way to do that?" To get the answer we often have to carry out small experiments. Last November, we were wondering how vital it is to store our green coffee in airtight bags while they were in production. The vast majority of our coffees arrive in GrainPro - that is, with a plastic lining inside the jute sack to protect the beans from the atmosphere,... Continue Reading →