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IBC 2024' - Acevedo / 200g

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Lavender | Lemongrass | Lychee | Red fruits | Cloves


Region | Huila, Acevedo
Altitude | 1600 - 1700 MASL
Process | Honey
Variety | Geisha - EMV23058, Pink Bourbon - EFM 2100

Introducing a rare combination of two single origins from Colombia. A delicate balance of Geisha and Pink Bourbon. 

Our talented barista Gabriel placed third at the Irish Brewers Cup with this unique blend. Find his exact competition recipe below and try it for yourself.

Acevedo, San Adolfo, in the eastern cordillera of Colombia, was once a red zone controlled by the M19 and FARC. However, in the last six years, it has become safe to visit this region, which is now recognised as the Specialty Coffee Paradise in Colombia because to its unique microclimate and terroir. It is also famous for being the birthplace of Pink Bourbon.

Ready, set, brew!  

Aroma Nativo has been forging ties between unknown Colombian coffee farmers and renowned roasters from around the world. 

In 2022 Luis Marcelino founder of Aroma Nativo goes a step further by launching the Veci Project : a collaborative coffee production between coffee producers who have good agronomic practices but who lack of infrastructures, space on the farm to process their coffee and Aroma Nativo that contributes with the knowledge and processing facilities located in the south of Huila and the Department of Quindio. 

Huila Acevedo  - Recognised a Specialty Coffee Paradise in Colombia because of its unique microclimate and terroir. It is also famous for being the birthplace of the Pink Bourbon varietal. 

Both varietals are picked and hand selected for the ripest drupes, separately they are passed through a fermentation stage in an anaerobic environment, then pulped at the second stage of fermentation in sealed barrels.

The Geisha goes through a lactic bacteria inoculated from a previous geisha fermentation, whereas the Pink Bourbon goes through fermentation in barrels with native bacteria and special yeast..

They are then put through parabolic sun dryers (Geisha 15 days, Pink Bourbon 14 days), then stabilized over 3 months in a temperature controlled room.

Ratio: 1:16 - 16g coffee to 240ml water

Divide Brew into four pours: 50ml | 70 ml | 60 ml | 60 ml- 40 seconds wait time between each pour

Grind size of coffee: medium coarse or 22-24 clix on Comandante grinder

Water temperature: 92 degrees

Process: The first two pours extract sweetness and acidity. The last two pours control the strength of the brew.

First, pour a circular motion. The second pour is centred and pour aggressively to lift the coffee bed to extract more flavour.

The third pour is circular close to the walls and finish in the centre.

The fourth pour is slow, in the centre to create a clean aftertaste and a minimum strength extraction.

Aroma: "medium plus" intensity, lemongrass, lychee and honey.

Flavour: At all temperatures, lemongrass, lychee. When hot, milk chocolate. When warm, lavender.  When cool, thyme & clove.

Aftertaste: when warm, lemongrass, lychee. When cool, rosemary.

Acidity: medium intensity.  When hot and warm, citric. When cool, citric and malic like lemon and apple.

Sweetness: medium level. When hot, and warm, a candy-like sweetness. When cool, like milk chocolate.

Mouthfeel: when hot and warm, creamy. When cool, juicy.