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Frequently asked questions

Coffee can seem complicated,

so we have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions we receive to give you a better understanding of our coffee and how to get the most out of it. 

We always get asked how long will my order take to arrive. Thankfully we have some very speedy coffee packers who are able to get your order to you in 2-3 days.

Typically, we take 24 hours to fulfil an order and get it shipped and then depending on the location delivery could be another 24 hours, or more. Hard to say with Covid and delivery schedules though.

If you're brewing using an espresso machine, select an espresso roast... A filter roast will reveal subtler, sweeter flavours. However, espresso roasts can be brewed as an espresso or filter so, if you like more body and a darker flavour – either filter or espresso roast would work

The most obvious differences between filter coffee and espresso are in the fineness of their grinds and in their brewing times.

Filter roasted coffee is slightly different to espresso roasted as it roasted at a lower temperature in order to present a clearer picture of the coffee's taste to create a sweeter cup of coffee. Filter coffee is best suited for drip machines, chemex, v60 but is not recommended for home espresso machines as it can result in a sour espresso shot. 

Whereas coffee roasted for espresso is roasted slightly hotter for longer. This makes the coffee more soluble in water which helps improve the extraction of the espresso and helps reduce the sour taste giving you a much sweeter and balanced espresso shot. Espresso roasts are great for people who like more body and less acidity in their coffee.

For an espresso I would recommend SAM as a nice balanced option preferred by the majority. It blends with milk well, however Henry is fruity and light if that's what you prefer. At the same time if you have experience trying single origin coffees then I would also suggest MAM in this instance. Another good place to start would be our blends, you can select Henry and Sam - both ground for French Press if you don't have a grinder. These are available year round. Both are quite smooth however Henry is a little more fruity and acidic because one component is of African origins. Sam would be milder, smooth and has more of a chocolatey nutty complexion. If you have a greater preference here in either direction then you may be more inclined to American continent or African continent beans. Either way a blend is a good place to start to begin identifying flavour profiles, once you get into the Single Origins you will discover more pronounced articulate flavours in the cup.

If you like using the v60, chemex or anything that requires filter papers we suggest you go for a filter option. Most of our single origins are suited for this so have a look at the origin and tasting notes to make your decision. 

Strong/Rich/Italian coffee:
Cloud Picker Coffee roast on the light to medium scale, it's a little ways away from Italian style, however, we do have an option for people who prefer this style - its called FORMATION. This is our darkest roast on offer and closest to Italian style..

We get asked this a lot! Our coffees are omni roasted so they are very versatile and can work in all of the popular brewing methods. We also offer to grind our coffees for you for each of these brewing methods. 

Single origins work great on any filter brewing method, in particular the v60 or Chemex. 

Blends work really well for espresso and aeropress. 

For any sage products, we recommend you opt for beans that are slightly roasted more for espresso. You can find this information out from our coffee scale on each and every box. This will give you an idea of what brewing method is most suited for that coffee.  Our Henry, Sam and Formation work brilliantly on any sage product.

Only put 18g or less in.

When it's grinding, give the portafilter a bit of a shake mid way to distribute the grinds more evenly.

Don't over tamp, we find too much pressure the machine struggles to push a shot through.

Check the basket isn't wet, or there isn't any water sitting under the basket in the portafilter, I also find this leads to the ground coffee being pre wet underneath which then makes the coffee set and again the water finds it hard to push through the shot, creating minimal to no coffee.

Make sure the boiler has heated up effectively, in order to get a sweet espresso shot it is crucial that you let the machine heat up for at least 10 minutes prior to extracting your coffee. This will also the boiler to heat up but also makes your group head hotter allowing for a better espresso. Also ensure there is enough water in the machine. 

For the Barista pro: 
18g dry coffee, 36g wet coffee over 25 - 30 seconds. So we are talking a 1:2 ratio. 

Our single origins usually float in around 18-20g dry, 36-40 wet, 25-30 seconds. As mentioned earlier if your machine is struggling to push a 1:2 ratio with 18g try reducing it down to 15g/30g. 

It's also crucial to clean your sage machines every week. We stock sage accessories such as their espresso cleaning tablets and descaler powder which will keep your beautiful sage machine looking brand new. Also make sure to clean the steam wand daily as its not a nice sight when you have old milk stuck to the machine.

This can happen a lot when coffee is pre ground. Coffee reacts to the environment elements around it - ie. a stove top, fire, heater, air conditioning - this causes the coffee to expand and retract in size which can cause drops and blocks. Similarly, humidity may cause the coffee to get a little wet and that causes problems too. Short of the story is kept in a cool dry spot away from varying temperatures.

If you have a home espresso machine we recommend you always buy wholebean. Whereas if you’re a filter lover we can grind the coffee depending on your brewing method.

If you fly through your coffee like us and can’t wait for delivery, we offer the option to click and collect at our Roastery in Crumlin. Simply select the pick up option when checking out online. We also sell all of our coffee in our Pearse Street cafe.

You can use the chat option at the bottom left of our website to instantly speak to a member of staff or you can leave your contact details and they will respond as soon as possible.

We are constantly on the lookout for new coffees. Especially with single origins, therefore once a current coffee. However, we have Henry, Sam and Formation in stock year round. The coffee supply is very dependent on the month/season.

Simply use our chat option and let us know the changes you want to make. If it hasn’t been packed yet I'm sure we can make adjustments for you. For example, if you entered the wrong address or if you want your coffee ground instead, let us know in the chat and we’ll help.

Our subscription service makes for an unreal present! Its very easy, 

Firstly, choose whether you would like a subscription of our blends or single-origin coffees. We recommend choosing the single origin subscription if you’re a fan of trying our latest coffee and prefer filter coffee whereas if you just want a continuous supply of beautiful coffee we suggest you select our blend option. This is important if you’re a fan of trying new 

When will my subscription arrive?
We recommend you put an address where its best to find you, most tend to use their work address to ensure its received. Please make sure to include your phone number if there are any issues the courier can give you a call. 

What happens if I'm not home when my coffee arrives? 

How much is the subscription service? 
We have a few different types of options available for our subscribers. You can find the prices here

Can I get my subscriptions grounded? 
Yes, we offer to grind the single origin subscriptions as these coffees are suited for filter use. However, currently we only ship the blend subscription as wholebean.

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