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Peru | El Diamante



Chocolate Truffle | Blood Orange | Marzipan

Region | Caserío El Diamante, Santa Rosa de la Yunga, Jaén
Altitude | 1559-1832 MASL
Process | Washed
Variety | Red Bourbon, Catimor, Red Catuai, Marsellesa


The juiciness and delicious citrus notes of this coffee really marked it out on a cupping table of Peru options - that along with an underlying tone of chocolatey goodness to warm the coldest heart!

Israel Contreras, current president of the Comité El Diamante, co-founded this organisation four years ago. It is a real mark of the progress seen in Peru, whose coffee landscape has been traditionally dominated by large estates. In recent years, we have seen more and more of these farmer cooperatives and organisations bringing their combined resources and knowledge together to reveal what this country's coffee can offer.

The Comité has bought into a number of quality focused operations including shade growing and innovative washing techniques to let the terroir's flavours really sing. This coffee is first floated in tanks for a day, then depulped and moved to further tanks where it is fermented for 24-36 hours, depending on the temperature. Most farmers dry on tables while some still use polypropylene drying beds.

Mixed farming is generally employed by this Comité's members, a key pillar of sustainable farming worldwide.