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Origami Filter Papers


These beautiful Japanese filter papers serve 1-2 cups of delicious coffee. Their unique design allows for the perfect layer of ground coffee to create a delicious, smooth-bodied cup every time.

Designed to be used in conjunction with the Origami Wave dripper and holder, these filters also work in all V60 01 style cone-shaped coffee drippers. The papers create an even layer of ground coffee so that water spreads equally throughout all the grounds, creating a perfect cup of coffee with smooth body and even flavour.

Each pack contains 100 disposable cone-shaped coffee filters made of refined pulp. Made in Japan by the originators of the cone-shaped coffee maker, Sanyo Sangyo developed the perfect amount of tiny crinkles on both sides of the paper to produce the smoothest, sediment-free coffee. The design allows water to get through the dripper much faster than conventional filter paper so that you can drink your coffee hotter and sooner. Sounds good to us!