Ethiopia | Wolichu Wachu

Camomile Tea | Ripe Peach | White Grape


Altitude | 2100-2300 masl 

Process | Natural

Variety | Bourbon, Typica


Tasting the first of our 2020 Ethiopian naturals is one of our favourite times of the year. Always firm favourites with our customers, the latest coffee is another Uraga in the Oromia zone known as Guji.


The Wolichu Wachu washing station has been operating since 2017 and takes in coffee from smallholder farmers around the town of Haro Wachu. The farmers in this area typically own about half a hectare of land.

The coffees delivered to this station are about 90% Bourbon and 10% Typica.  These are Ethiopian versions of the varieties and do not entirely correspond with the worldwide usage of those more commonly found in Central and South America. There's a nice white grape acidity to this coffee which we love!


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