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Ethiopia | Tome



Cranberry | Golden Syrup | Lavender

Region | Uraga, Guji
Altitude | 2100-2250 MASL
Process | Natural
Variety | Heirloom


It's Guji time again!

It's been a little while but some of our favourite Ethiopian coffees over the last few years have come from the Uraga woreda of the Guji zone. We've had the Wolichu Wachu, Hambela Wamena and Arsosala and now we have Tome to add to this special list.

This coffee, all grown in the Tome kebele, is collected by the four Edema brothers. It is all grown at high altitudes on small plots and mostly in combination with Abyssinian banana trees. Nearly 300 farmers contribute to the Tome washing station and 100 people work at the station.

Harvest happens in three stages, a small batch in October, the main bulk in November followed by a last pass in December. The coffee is sorted for 2 days on drying beds once it reaches the station and it is then dried for 12 to 15 days. Every midday, the coffee is mixed for even drying and covered until the following morning to avoid the most intense direct sunlight.

The Edema brothers' organisation is known as Oboleyan - this means "brother" in the local Oromia language.

We hope you enjoy it!