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Ethiopia | Halo Beriti

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Camomile | Peach | Honeydew Melon 

Region | Yirgacheffe
Altitude | 1900-2150 MASL
Process | Washed
Variety | Local Landraces


It is a huge joy to have the floral bouquet of an Ethiopian washed coffee back on our offering!

The Halo Beriti washing and drying station has been producing some top Yirgacheffes for years and they have narrowly missed out on our selection in recent years. This time we really had to go for this one!

The station processes the cherries of 520 local smallholder farmers. The station itself is quite small at just over half a hectare of land and lies 2040 metres above sea level. The average plot contributing to this station is no larger than a hectare and farmers typically grow soya beans, avocado, enset and sugarcane alongside their coffee plants.

The water from the Worka river is used for washing the cherries at the station. They are fermented for anywhere between 45 and 65 hours, weather dependent. They are then dried for 7-10 days.