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China | Aqi Badu

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Red Grape | Maple Sugar | Ceylon Black Tea

Region | Menglian Dai, Lahu and Va Autonomous County, Yunnan
Altitude | 1350 MASL
Process | Natural
Variety | Catimor

Last year we had the privilege of welcoming our first Chinese coffee to the fold - it hailed from the Banka farm in Yunnan Province. Like 97% of China's coffee, the Aqi Badu is also from Yunnan and is actually processed at Banka's wet mill which is near the Aqi Badu village.

The farmers who live, cultivate and harvest their coffee around Aqi Badu are mostly of the Lahu ethnic group. This group populates areas of China as well as Myanmar, Laos and Thailand.

Once again, we chose a natural processed Catimor variety coffee - this combo really seems to find the perfect mix of sweetness, clarity and subtle complexity. It is a quick-growing variety and this mitigates the cool Chinese nights which slow down cherry production.

The Banka wet mill was taken over by Yunnan Coffee Traders in 2018 and they installed one of the region's first optical sorters in addition to encouraging experimental processing and fermentation. This coffee was run through the optical sorter before fermentation in cherry for two days and drying on raised beds.

We hope you enjoy this unique Chinese coffee.