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Aeropress brew guide



The Aeropress is a great method for brewing a single cup at home - quick, clean and easy. However, in our opinion, the instructions that Aeropress provide themselves are not the best way to use this brewer! Here’s the method we use ourselves:


Two filter papers
17g Coffee
250 filtered water, just off the boil
Sturdy jug or mug

1. Place two filter papers into cap and screw on tight.

2. Rinse out with hot water and place on top of your jug.

3. Grind 17g of coffee and put into the chamber.

4. Pour in 250g of water and immediately start a timer.

5. Stir thoroughly (we use three stirs clockwise and three anticlockwise).

6. Put the plunger just inside the chamber.

7. Once the timer reaches 1:30, start to push down on the plunger.

8. Aim to finish plunging at 2:00.

When you’re done, remove the cap, push out the puck of coffee into the bin, and rinse out the brewer right away. This takes just a few seconds and prevents the Aeropress from absorbing stale coffee flavours.