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Kalita Stainless Steel Wave Dripper


The Kalita Wave series are pour over brewers perfect for everyone from beginners to professional baristas. This is Kalita's original product series, designed so that anyone can easily enjoy the best tasting coffee.

The unique 20-waved shape of the matching filters reduces surface contact between the sides of the brewer and liquid inside - this increased airflow speeds up drawdown, stopping your brew from stalling and over extracting. The Wave brewer also features a flat bottom with multiple drainage holes, helping you maintain a consistent extraction across the entire width of your brew bed.

Simple to use for a swift and clean brew, ensuring only deliciousness drips into your cup!

You can brew directly into a cup / mug or capture in a carafe.

Brew ratios to start weights are similar to that of the V60 - Chemex of 60g per litre. 

155 size = 300ml - 500ml of final brew
185 size = 500ml - 750ml of final brew