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Dublin Coffee Race

Coffee Race is born out of a passion, a casual urban race between coffee shops serving the best quality coffee.

This is a free event for anyone who has a bike or simply borrows one. It's great fun, during which you will get to know the city and its coffee map.

General rules of the race:

  • Each participant can start from any place in Dublin at any time.
  • The participant can freely choose their own route.
  • In each café, one must get a stamp or signature of the barista, confirming the visit.
  • In one, freely chosen café, the participant must buy a coffee and drink it on site (except for espresso and cortado).
  • The race ends at 4.00 p.m. in Flower & Bean – 113 Cork St, Saint Catherine's. Until that moment, we will accept cards with signatures collected during the race. After that time, we will no longer accept entries!
  • The prize draw will take place during a live broadcast on Instagram of Flower & Bean at 5.00 p.m.
Prizes can be collected in person, within one week, during opening hours of the café. The event is organized for adults.

Q. Who can take part?

CR: Every adult person who has or rents a bicycle and knows how to ride it without endangering their own life and health and that of other urban traffic participants. Participants must have a bicycle in good working order and a helmet.

Q: Where do I start and end my ride?

CR: We don't have one starting point, we only have a finish line. The finish line is one of the cafes during the race, which will be marked on the starting card. You can start from home, it's only important that you are at the finish line cafe before the end of the race. Check the racing card for more information.

Our events are free! They were created to promote coffee shops serving the highest quality coffee (specialty coffee).

The “buy-in” is the purchase of one coffee of your choice, in one coffee shop of your choice, during the race.

No sign-up! 

To take part in the event, go to the event page, download the starting card in PDF, print it out and have it with you while racing. It will be needed to collect signatures in cafés.

Win prizes!

Thanks to our sponsors, you have the opportunity to win prizes. Bags of the best quality coffee are waiting.

Good luck!