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Colombia | Vianí



Belgian Cookie | Fig | Cacao

Region | Cundinamarca
Altitude | 1400-2000 MASL
Process | Washed
Variety | Castillo, Colombia


This coffee is one we've tried in the past for various blends and after many years of cupping samples, this finally feels like it has hit a quality level where it needs to shine as a single origin!

The is a collection of coffees from over 400 smallholders in and around the Vianí municipality in the Cundinamarca department which surrounds Colombia's capital Bogotá. Despite the breadth of different farmers contributing, 70% of this coffee comes from Mr. Joseel who is based close to Quipile. For 20 years he has been selling only to Racafe, the exporter of this collection. Cherry is processed on site: this involves depulping the same day as picking followed by a 48 hour fermentation.

Racafe has been exporting Colombian coffee for 70 years and they recently moved to try to incentivise and showcase the sustainability efforts of their farmers by setting up an internal standard for sustainability called Crecer. All the coffee they supply us is from farmers meeting this standard. The project is funded by a premium added to the price of the beans which is then exclusively used to help fund sustainability practices on these farms: environmental, social and economic. This standard covers a really large breadth of areas including biodiversity, soil, pesticides, waste water, fermentation, drying, food security and working conditions.

A worthy addition to our offering as we aim to continue down our B Corp path!