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We sold almost 30% more 1kg bags of coffee in 2022 compared to 2021, but by switching our packaging we were able to reduce our emissions from packaging from 3928.8kg CO2 to 3367.6kg CO2!

Day-to-day operations

We recycle our green material and separate organic matter. We limit landfill where we can. We also only use eco-friendly cleaning products in our roastery. We have also appointed our first in-house Sustainability Officer so we can keep getting better in this area.



Roasting produces a by-product called chaff (like a peanut skin). This waste along with coffee grinds are collected and used as fertiliser. As it’s high in nitrogen and good for the soil and plants.

Futhermore we donate our coffee sacks to a community based centre called ReCreate ( Social responsibility is high on our agenda.




Disposables & Packaging

Where possible our takeaway cups and lids are produced in Ireland and are 100% compostable. Made from plants and not oils. Produced in Cork by Down 2 Earth. In 2018 at the World of Coffee trade show in Amsterdam we won an award for our recyclable & carbon neutral retail packaging. We promote the use of reusable cups in our cafe and have our own branded MiiR & KeepCups.




Reusable Coffee Containers

For our coffee partners reachable for electric van deliveries, we offer reusable coffee containers (swap & go system) that hold up to 10kg of coffee, this is a product choice to replace 1kg coffee bags because we know, no plastics are the best plastics. We've been working with our coffee container partners, Industrial Packaging Ltd, from Bray, County Wicklow. What's best, all their components are recyclable when they have reached their end of life.



Coffee Bags

Our partnership with our coffee packaging supplier for our 1kg coffee bags has yielded some pleasing results in the way of reduced plastic use. Through the use of their self designed technology Wastemade post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastics in which the bags are created from 83% post consumer (used) plastics, which creates a third less carbon than our previous bags...winning! What's more, the plastics recycled come from an ocean recovery program meaning your coffee purchase is pulling plastics out of the ocean, lets try and keep it that way with proper post use recycling.



While always improving, our current 250g retail bags are no slouches either. They are CO2 neutral, the neutrality helps reduce CO2 levels in coffee growing regions.

We are planning on upgrading our 250g bags soon as well! Watch this space....