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Supply chain overview


We partner with small families with single plots up to large co-ops who band together to better each other, we ensure we partner with those willing to invest in their environmental future and are willing to tackle the large issues to do with climate, education and support for local communities. We ensure we pay above the fair trade price for our coffee and in doing so provide a better future for our farmers. 

Exporter / Importer 

Our quality control ambassadors, many of these companies have strong ties to the coffee growing communities with leaders and managers often growing up in these regions, they strive for the best possible outcome for their coffee farmers and ensure they are benefiting from business by supporting reinvestment into the farms and regions through community projects.

Our Roastery

Our proud HQ in Crumlin, Dublin. Here we aim to be as sustainable as possible by reducing our carbon footprint, this is done by limiting waste, recycling, donating coffee chaff to garden allotments, minimising resources used, helping our customers pick sustainable options and delivering orders in Dublin via our 100% electric van. 

Our Cafe 

Our retail home is 42 Pearse St. Dublin 2 and our values don't change. Our food program is based on a progressive culture of creating healthy choices from retail sources who describe their food as waste. We reward our customers who provide their own reusable food and coffee cups when purchasing. 

Our customers

Be it wholesale or retail, our aim is to partner with like-minded businesses and individuals. We rely on you to communicate and enact the sustainability message the best you can - reduce, reuse and recycle. 

Coffee lovers

By providing a sustainable pathway and asking others to follow our journey we hope will lead to a greater community commitment to reducing our waste and consumption habits, in turn providing a world for our children tomorrow.