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Paper vs. Plastic

Sustainability is very important to us but so is the quality of our product. However, at Cloud Picker we are always looking for ways to improve our eco journey!

So, we decided to try out some paper bags without valves to see if we might be able to work with a more sustainable material for packaging our coffee.

We blind tested the same batch of coffee, Wolichu Wachu, an Ethiopian Natural, to see how these bags affected the coffee over time. We had our existing packaging as a point of comparison.

There were a few unexpected outliers but overall our existing packaging fared consistently better. The preground coffee in a plastic bag weirdly overperformed the first week (beating both wholebeans) and then underperformed the following week before jumping up in quality again.

It's pretty clear from the scores overall that the plastic bags with valves were noticeably better at preserving the flavour. While it is a shame to shut down an avenue for improving sustainability, it is good to know that the bags we are using is serving an important purpose.

This is not the result we we're looking for but interesting nevertheless! Onwards we travel on our eco crusade!