Ye Genet Natural | Ethiopia

Raspberry | Almond | Grilled Peach

Altitude | 1500-1800 MASL

Process | Natural

Variety | Mixed Heirloom



Ye Genet is a new washing station in the Kercha Woreda (district) of Guji, owned by Tsegaye Hagos, who established a reputation for quality when he set up the Sasaba washing station in the same region. This reputation means he has been able to attract the best smallholders in the area to bring their cherry for processing. Smallholders are given financial incentives for high quality production, and the station is also building a school for local children.

This lot is naturally processed and dried on raised beds for 8-14 days and has the typical ripe fruit and heavy florals of a Guji natural, but with distinctive fresh, herbaceous overtones.

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