Timor-Leste | Lacau Village

Green Apple | Rooibos Tea | Dragon Fruit


Altitude | 1420 MASL

Process | Fully Washed

Variety | Typica, Timor Hybrid


This is our first ever coffee from East Timor and we're super excited to bring it to you! 

Timor-Leste gained independence from Indonesia in 2002, making it the world's second youngest country. Coffee production in the country is mainly located in the western-central highlands and the dry, tropical climate is ideal for growing coffee.

The Lacau Cooperative Group, located in Lacau Village, comprises 23 members. All of whom benefited from training sessions surrounding quality coffee processing. Largely due to the hard work of these farmers and their desire to create a higher quality product, we have been able to bring their amazing specialty grade coffee to Ireland, hopefully enabling us to not only promote more awareness of East Timor itself but also carving out its place on the specialty coffee map.

As in the rest of Timor-Leste, the coffee is grown organically but without certification, as pesticides have not really made it into the country - a similar situation to Ethiopian coffee farming. The shade of the large Albizia Falcataria trees, which grow plentifully in the area, also helps to slow the development of the coffee plant and improve the flavour of the seed.

The Timor Hybrid variety is the most common variety in the country and its resistance to coffee rust and the coffee borer beetle have made it a big contributor to the development of disease-resistant coffee varieties worldwide.


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