Serra Azul | Brazil

Almond | Black Cherry | Nutmeg


Altitude | 1100 - 1300 MASL

Process | Natural

Variety | Red Acaiá



In the past three years, Serra Das Tres Barras has produced some stellar pulped natural Bourbon lots from Brazil. This is mostly thanks to the great number of farms with longstanding tradition and generations of knowledge in processing, coupled with ideal coffee growing conditions. The Serra Da Mantiqueira region is known for its lush green undulating hills, with coffee production at an altitude range from 950 to 1300 meters above sea level. These features set the base for producing some of Brazil’s tastiest specialty coffees, testament of which are the countless Cup of Excellence winning estates.


The staff at Serra Azul is greatly aware of the importance of immaculate post-harvest practices. The terroir is already responsible for great part of the coffee’s quality, but during processing great skill and dedication of the quality manager and staff are essential. Serra Azul has a concrete drying patio and a couple of drying beds. For natural processing, the cherries will first dry for a couple of days on the drying beds before moving to the drying patio. Here, the coffee will finish drying in a thin layer. Regular turning of the cherries lets the coffee dry uniformly.

During the drying phase, the quality team constantly monitors the coffee’s moisture level. Once dried down to a moisture level of 12%, the dried cherries are taken to wooden containers in the storage room. Here, the beans undergo a necessary resting period to stabilize the beans. One month later, Cocarive collects the coffee for storage in their warehouses in Carmo de Minas. They run various quality checks on the coffee. Cocarive takes further care of marketing and exporting the coffee.

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