SCAE Introduction to Coffee 6/05/17

6 May 2017 / 10am–3pm

Cloud Picker roastery, Sheriff Street, Dublin 1

(Lunch included / 6 places per class)

SCAE Introduction to Coffee explains the origin and history of coffee, shows the different ways it is prepared and drunk, and introduces the huge variety of flavours that coffee can have.

This module covers core knowledge about coffee as a product - how it is grown, processed, and roasted, and the effect these have on flavour. If you've ever wondered why some coffees can taste so different to others, this will open the door to a world of new and exciting flavours.

It also introduces the main techniques for brewing coffee - how to make espressos and cappuccinos, and how to get the best flavour out of different filter coffee brewing methods - including Aeropress, V60, and French Press/Cafetiere.

The course is balanced between theory and practice, with plenty of opportunity to get hands-on and lots of delicious coffees to taste (and a few manky ones!).

This course is suitable for anyone interested in coffee, but especially recommended for:

  • Working baristas, who want to expand their background knowledge and appreciation of flavour in coffee
  • Coffee lovers, who want to learn more about what makes coffees taste the way they do
  • Home brewers, who want to experiment with different ways of making coffee and learn how to find the flavours they enjoy

At the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Understand the history of coffee growing and drinking
  • Identify the difference in flavour between Arabica and Robusta
  • Taste the difference that roast has on flavour
  • Appreciate how origin, variety, and process give rise to the huge variety of flavours in coffee
  • Brew coffee using several different methods

This course is suitable for those with no previous experience with coffee, as well as for those with some professional experience that want to develop their theoretical knowledge.


The class ends with a short written exam to test the knowledge learned during the course. If you would like to gain the formal qualification then there is an additional charge for SCAE certification of €60 which can be purchased beforehand here.

More about the SCAE Coffee Diploma System (CDS)

The Coffee Diploma System is an internationally recognised system of professional qualifications for Specialty Coffee. Each module within the CDS is a qualification in its own right, with courses at Foundation, Intermediate, and Professional levels.

Each course also contributes a number of points towards a Diploma (this course = 10 points), which is an additional qualification awarded once 100 points have been earned. For more information, see the Education page on the SCAE website.

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