SCA Barista Skills Foundation 20/10/18

20 October 2018 / 10am–5pm

Cloud Picker roastery, Sheriff Street, Dublin 1

(Lunch included / 4 places per class)

SCAE Barista Skills Foundation teaches the core skills needed to work behind the bar of a busy specialty cafe. If you would like to work in specialty coffee, if you're starting out in the industry and want to accelerate your learning, or if you want to make espresso at home, this class is for you. 

At the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Understand the origins of espresso
  • Make delicious espresso efficiently, consistently, and safely
  • Understand and precisely control all the variables needed to get a perfect shot
  • Use modern techniques including weighing dose and yield, and working with 'on demand' grinders to minimise waste and maximise consistency
  • Steam milk and pour basic latte art
  • Keep the machine clean and hygienic

This course is suitable for those with no previous barista experience, as well as for those with some experience that want to update their skills or develop their theoretical knowledge. If you're comfortable weighing your dose and yield, adjusting a grinder on the fly, and pouring simple latte art, then you might prefer to start with Intermediate level - please contact us before booking.


The class ends with a short practical and written exam to test the skills learned during the course. The price of the course includes the SCA certification of €60: if you do not require certification please contact us and we can arrange a discounted price for you.

More about the SCA Coffee Diploma System (CDS)

The Coffee Diploma System is an internationally recognised system of professional qualifications for Specialty Coffee. Each module within the CDS is a qualification in its own right, with courses at Foundation, Intermediate, and Professional levels.

Each course also contributes a number of points towards a Diploma (this course = 5 points), which is an additional qualification awarded once 100 points have been earned. For more information, see the Education page on the SCA website.

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