Sasaba Natural | Ethiopia

Honeysuckle | Mango | Dried Apricot

Altitude | 1800 MASL

Process | Natural

Variety | Mixed Heirloom


This is an unusually clean and bright example of a natural Ethiopian. It's loaded with tropical fruit flavours, complex and sweet, but with real clarity of flavour. Heavy sweet florals dominate the aroma, while the cup is full of bright juicy fruit - mango, strawberry, guava, mandarin orange, and stone fruit, backed by a smooth butterscotch sweetness with hints of sweet bay and vanilla cream.

Sasaba is a private washing station in the Guji region of Oromia, in southern Ethiopia. Sasaba is owned by Tsegaye Hagos, who also founded the Ye Genet washing station in the same region - which also provided us with a very popular natural coffee last season.

Sasaba buys cherries from smallholder farmers, who typically have only 10-15 coffee trees, grown alongside subsistence crops like maize and sorghum. It has established a reputation for quality thanks to its well organised production, despite being remote and hard to reach, on poor quality roads even by Ethiopian standards. This lot is naturally processed and dried on raised beds for 15-20 days.

This coffee is real gem either as espresso or filter, either way best enjoyed without milk.

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