Sage Dual Boiler

The Sage Dual Boiler is Sage's premiere espresso machine, and one of the finest home espresso machines available, capable of making coffee every bit as good as the very best commercial machines.

This machine is perfect for the dedicated home barista, as it has a wealth of advanced features and options available if you want to control every aspect of your espresso making. However, it is also simple to use and will make outstanding espresso right out of the box.

The Dual Boiler has many features typically found only on high-end commercial equipment, including twin PID boilers for simultaneous brewing and milk steaming, an independently heated group head for outstanding brew temperature consistency, and true low pressure pre-infusion for even extraction every time.

The steam wand also deserves a special mention, as the high-pressure, slow flow, and very dry steam make it exceptionally easy to get the perfect glossy milk texture for outstanding creamy mouthfeel and excellent latte art!

Every aspect is fully programmable and customisable, from the brew temperature, to the pre-infusion pressure and duration. The Dual boiler also features highly accurate volumetric flow meters, so the machine can automatically dispense a  pre-programmed volume of espresso, or be used fully manually.

It also comes with the great build quality and extra touches we've come to expect from Sage machines, including a stainless steel finish, integrated tool and tamper storage, and automatic notifications when cleaning or descaling is required.

This machine will work with any good-quality espresso grinder, but is a perfect pairing for the Sage Smart Grinder Pro. Those looking for an integrated grinder, or interested in an automatic machine, should also consider the Sage Oracle.


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