Sage Barista Express

The Barista Express from Sage is a really neatly designed, all in one manual espresso machine and grinder - everything you need to make great espresso and lattes in one box (apart from the coffee beans!).

The built in grinder features conical steel burrs for optimal grind quality and consistency, and has 18 grind size settings for perfect extraction of any coffee. It also features Sage's clever dosing control technology, grinding the perfect amount of coffee every time.

The machine itself benefits from true low pressure pre-infusion, which ensures even extraction of the whole coffee bed, and a PID boiler for consistent brew temperatures, shot after shot. The steam wand gives high-pressure, 'dry' steam - which means easier milk steaming for silky latte art.

The Barista Express also features the usual neat extra touches we've come to expect from Sage equipment, including a built-in particulate filter in the water tank, convenient cleaning tool storage, and a handy magnetic tamper holder.


Category: Espresso machine, Home Barista, Sage