Nyala Estate | Kenya

Gooseberry Jam | Raisin | Vanilla

Altitude | 1650 MASL

Process | Fully Washed

Variety | SL-28, SL-34, Ruiru 11


Nyala Estate is one of the oldest coffee farms in Kenya and is located in the Kiambu county, just north of the country's capital, Nairobi. Nyala is larger than most of the farms in the area which are traditionally owned by smallholders with less than half a hectare of land.

The climate in the area is relatively cool which is ideal for growing quality coffee, generally between 12-18°C. Kiambu county is home to the Ruiru washing station, a name famous for the development of the Ruiru 11 coffee variety. This variety is particularly resistant to coffee diseases and is combined at the Nyala Estate with SL-28 and SL-34, two of the most famous varieties associated with Kenya and the high quality fruity coffees we have enjoyed from this country for many years.

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