Nemba | Burundi

Maple Syrup | Pomegranate | Oats

Altitude | 1818 MASL

Process | Washed

Variety | Bourbon


The Nemba washing station is located in Burundi's most prestigious coffee growing region, Kayanza. This region is well known for its high-altitude coffee farms and volcanic soil.

Nemba is owned by Greenco, a company whose washing stations have been pushing the quality of Burundian coffee in this region since 2015. As with other Greenco stations, Nemba is managed by an agronomist - an effort to constantly improve the farming techniques to get the most out of the local land. All of the 3000 farmers who supply Nemba are smallholders with 330 coffee trees on average.

Once the beans have been obtained from the farmer, the station sorts them for maturity. It is then washed and graded into 5 quality grades. The top grade is further soaked to remove any remaining mucilage and dried on tables for about two weeks, depending on weather conditions.

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