Kibingo - Burundi


Red Grape / Peach / Grapefruit


Region – Kayanza
Altitude – 1700-1900 Masl
Process – Washed
Varietal – Bourbon

Kibingo is a wonderfully sweet, delicate coffee, with red grape flavours, a hint of grapefruit zest, and a lingering peach sweetness. The light body and gentle acidity make this a very refreshing, moreish coffee. This is also the coffee we showcased at the World of Coffee this year in Budapest! 

The Kibingo washing station is located in Kayanza province, in northern Burundi - one of the country's finest coffee growing regions, with rich volcanic soils and high altitudes.

At Kibingo, cherries are dry fermented before being washed and soaked for 24h, then dried on raised beds - making for a very clean cup.

Kibingo processes cherries from more than 3500 smallholders, and supports these producers with training and assistance to improve agricultural practices, by supplying subsidised seedlings, and by producing fertiliser from the leftover coffee pulp. The washing station also organises collection centres in the area so that farmers have a smaller distance to transport their cherry - reducing their costs but also improving quality.

Enjoy folks!

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