Inga Aponte | Colombia

Blackberry | Honeycomb | Macadamia


Altitude | 1850 - 2250 MASL

Process | Washed

Variety | Caturra



This is a community lot grown by the Inga community in the region of Aponte, high in the Andes Mountains in Narino. The Inga are descendants of the pre-Hispanic Incas, who took refuge in the mountains during the conquest and have maintained a distinct cultural identity. Civil war, paramilitary groups and drug traffickers have threatened this way of life and forced many people from the land - however it recent decades it has become a protected zone, encouraging resettling and helping the inhabitants to make a living growing crops such as coffee rather than coca.
The altitude and fertile volcanic soil (close to Galeras, still an active volcano) make for excellent growing conditions. Some farmers in the area briefly ferment the whole cherry first, and then continue fermentation following depulping, which brings additional fruitiness to the coffee. Others pulp and ferment for 24h in a more conventional way. Either way, the coffee is then dried under cover on raised beds, over the course of 10 to 15 days.

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