Sunda - Natural (Indonesia)


Blueberry / passion fruit / almond


Region  - Java Sunda
Cooperative - Klasik Bean
Altitude - 1200 - 1500 MASL
Process - Natural
Varietals - Typica, Catimor & Linie S 

Irish Brewers Cup 2017

Darren our Head Roaster used this coffee in the recent Irish Brewers Cups finals which we hosted here in Cloud Picker in association with SCA. Roasted by himself its a delicious unusual filter roast coffee. Drink black. 

The coffee is from Klasik Beans, a group of farmers, who started their adventure in coffee a couple of years ago, with the aim of becoming the first cooperatives in Indonesia producing specialty coffee.  

Brew tips: For this coffee he found the best results with an extraction of around 18.3% and a TDS of around 1.22. The brew method he used was a clever dripper, using V60 filter papers, which he felt the hybrid of the full immersion and drip allowed for a sweet, fulfilling clean cup. The brew ratio was 15g coffee to 255ml of water. The coffee was immersed for 2 minutes and then placed on the server to drip down, aim for a grind size that will cause the coffee to take around 1 minute to drip through.

Taste notes: If brewed as suggested above you can expect an aroma of dried fig, pear and oak. In the cup you will get an incredible initial sweetness of blueberry and passion fruit, this sweetness then gives way to a delicious almond nuttiness with hints of caramel. The finish of this coffee is amazing, you can expect a long, crisp clean bitterness that can be compared to chicory. The coffee is full bodied with a subtle pear like acidity.


Enjoy folks!

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