Huye Mountain PB | Rwanda

Hibiscus | Redcurrant | Elderflower


Altitude | 1600 - 2300 MASL

Process | Washed

Variety | Red Bourbon



This is an unusual Peaberry lot from the well-known Huye Mountain washing station. The tiny beans pack a lot of punch, with intense, summery florals, vibrant citrus acidity, and the classic redcurrant flavours of the best Rwandan coffees.

Huye Mountain is a private washing station in Southern Rwanda, well-known for its commitment to quality. Around 1300 smallholders bring their coffee to Huye Mountain for processing, with farms typically just a quarter of a hectare in size. The washing station and its owner, David Rubanzangabo, came to prominence when they were featured in the documentary 'A Film About Coffee'.

The coffee is sorted for ripeness on arrival, pulped, and dry fermented for 12-15 hours before being washed up to 5 times to ensure that all traces of mucilage are removed, making for a very clean cup. The coffee is then dried on raised beds, using shade nets to control the rate of drying.

At the dry mill, the coffee is sorted for density, defects (in a light sorting machine) and screened by size. The peaberry lot comes from the smallest screen - peaberries are the small, rounded seeds that form when only one seed develops inside the fruit instead of two.

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