Los Pinos - Honduras


Honey / Pear / Milk Chocolate

Variety: IH-90
Country: Honduras
Owner: Joaquina Montoya
Region: Intibuca
Lot #: HN-2017-14
Processing: Fully washed
Crop year: 2017
Cupping Score: 87

This is our first ever coffee from Honduras so we're uber excited about it. It's a coffee from our friends in Nordic Approach and likewise is an area within Honduras that's new to them. 

They are working through a guy on the ground that is contributing to quality development in the Masaguara, Intibuca region. It’s a region he’s explored for 3 years with great success. He has found exceptional coffee from small growers with an average production of 20 to 50 bags. There is about 250 growers in the program, but are currently just buying from a hand-full. Each grower has it’s own small mill and african beds for optimal drying (of 12 to 22 days), and they have made loads of improvements to the processing since the project started. All lots are separated by cultivar. This region is special and ample. And it’s needed to bring more importers and roasters closer to the producers.

It's a big and bold coffee, fruit driven and balanced. Beautiful as filter, black.  


Joaquina Montoya, the farm owner, is an inspiring woman who despite her physical limitations caused by a disease keeps her mind and drive unshakeable. With much effort, she raised her sons, while also teaching their children how to produce coffee and the value of the honest work.

Today she lives surrounded by her coffee farm where she oversees the farm. During harvest, she checks the process of picking and that the processing and drying is done properly to ensure a top quality harvest.

Drying is the activity that Joaquina has absolute control over as she has direct access to a solar dryer where she spends long hours preparing coffee with dedication and taking care that the grain reaches the optimum moisture.

Enjoy folks!

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