Haider (Organic) - Ethiopia


Plum / Honeydew Melon / Hazelnut


Region – Limu
Owner – Haider Abamecha
Altitude – 1800-2000
Masl Process – Washed (Organic)
Varietal – Heirloom

It's not often we buy organic coffees. Their certification costs can be difficult for smaller farms to afford and also drives up the cost of green and not necessarily reflected in the cup. However when we came across this one we thought it was a really great example of an organic coffee and one we'd be happy to work with.    

Haider Abamecha has been in the coffee industry his entire life. Slowly growing his businesses over the years to become one of Ethiopia’s largest suppliers to the ECX. The farm was purchased 7 years ago as Haider realised the growing interest from specialty buyers for traceable quality coffees. The total land area of the farm is just shy of 1000 hectares with 532 hectares now in full production and certification with a further 400 hectares under development. The farm is located in a part of Limu that primarily consists of native forest reserve. Haider has maintained the natural feel of the forest by thinning the original land enough to allow adequate light through to the coffee. The diversity of birdlife, visible pig tracks and the prevalence of Colombus monkey’s crashing through the trees is proof that the impact on the natural environment is minimal.

Processing involves traditional disc de-pulping followed by a 72 hour fermentation and 18 hour soak. Coffee is sun dried for 7-10 days on raised African beds.

Enjoy folks!

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