Guji | Ethiopia | Arsosala

Blood Orange Marmalade | Lavender | Elderberry

Altitude | 1800 MASL

Process | Natural

Variety | Bourbon, Typica


The Arsosala washing station was founded in 2015 and is situated in the Urga district of Guji. The farmers delivering to this station are smallholders with some operating farms as small as 1/8 of a hectare.

Many Ethiopian coffee lovers will be surprised to see that this coffee is a mix of Bourbon and Typica - varieties more normally associated with the Americas. Ethiopia, on the other hand, is celebrated for the genetic wildness of its coffees. This Ethiopian Bourbon and Typica are indeed different - the Ethiopian usage of these names is a more casual referral to local varieties with a resistance to coffee berry disease.

The coffees from this station are dried on raised beds for between 8 and 20 days, depending on the amount of sun present during the drying period.


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