Guatemala | Laguna de Ayarza

Dark Chocolate | Caramel | Cherry


Altitude | 1400 masl 

Process | Washed

Variety | Red & Yellow Catuai, Red Bourbon, Pache


We've been waiting for the guts of a year to get our hands on a clean, chocolatey Guatemalan - we're glad the Laguna doesn't disappoint!


This coffee comes from a number of smallholders around Laguna de Ayarza, a double caldera which formed 20,000 years ago. A caldera is a hollow that forms in the landscape after a volcanic eruption and this double caldera is formed by two intertwined volcanoes.

The area has warm days and cool nights and this helps the coffee cherries to develop slowly which contributes to the sweetness and density of the beans. This coffee is SHB EP (Strictly Hard Beans, European Preparation) - the highest grade in Guatemala.

The smallholders deliver their cherries to a wet mill in Santa Rosa where they are pulped and fermented. The beans are dried on patios when the weather permits and in silo rotary driers when it is wet. They are then moved to a dry mill in Villa Nueva.


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