Gora Kone | Ethiopia

Lemon | Lavender | Raisin


Altitude | 1900 - 2050 MASL

Process | Washed

Variety | Mixed Heirloom


We're excited to share our first Ethiopian coffee from this season! A late harvest and political instability in Ethiopia have meant the new crop has arrived later than usual this year - but this top lot is a fantastic way to start things off, with wonderful creamy sweetness, heavy florals, and complex fruit flavours.

Gora Kone is a washing station in the Arsi Zone, near the village of Werka. The station serves 7-800 smallholder farmers, with an average farm size of around 3 hectares. The coffee is grown among native shade trees, fully washed, and then dried on raised African beds. This lot is the G1 (top) grade which guarantees minimal defects and gives a very clean cup.

Suitable for any brewing method, it particularly stands out as a single origin espresso.

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