Finca Santa Rosa | Colombia

Dates | Maple Syrup | Blackberry


Altitude | 2040 MASL

Process | Washed

Variety | Castillo



Finca Santa Rosa lies in the San Lorenzo municipality of Nariño, southwestern Colombia. San Lorenzo lies high in the Andes mountains, at a staggering 2040 meters above sea level. The effect of this altitude on cup quality is more than clear in the case of this coffee. Together with skillful and clean processing, this contributes greatly to the vibrant cup profile of this nanolot. It has a fruity aroma, a cup profile with distinctive tropical notes. Its layered quality reveals lychee and tangerine when hot, evolving into red fruits cooling down. The available volume of this coffee is so small, because José put much focus on singling out the best cherries on his farm, at the ideal point of maturity.

The farm only covers 1 hectare, a typical feature for coffee farms in Nariño. Jose Efraín inherited the plot from his father, who owns a plot of land a couple of meters higher. His sister lives and farms to the right of that farm. His uncles are the neighbours on the other side. All of these small plots together used to belong to one person. They got split up as when fathers passed parcels on to their children.


Finca Santa Rosa has a Penagos pulping unit. This uses considerably less water than traditional depulping machines, reducing the production of wastewater. 5% of mucilage remains on the parchment after processing. Jose Efrain Villada applies a short dry fermentation of the parchment after pulping. The mucilage that remains after pulping adds to the rich sweetness of this coffee. The small farm has a parabolic drier that protects the parchment from rain. Inside are two lines of double raised beds. The plastic sides of the drying house can be opened to regulate the temperature inside and to have more air blowing through.

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