Finca San Andres | El Salvador

Dried Fig | Roasted Oolong | Gooseberry


Process | Honey

Variety | Pacamara

Altitude | 1750 MASL


This microlot has a distinctive flavour, with chewy dried fruit and a tea-like complexity on the palate, giving way to a crisp and elegant acidity.

Finca San Andres is a small farm in the north-west of El Salvador, owned by José Francisco Recinos. José's father, Francisco Recinos, owns the neighbouring Finca La Nueva Esperanza, which has produced some Cup of Excellence lots in the past. The farm only produces about 20 bags per year, growing Pacas as well as the variety in this lot - Pacamara.

The Pacamara coffee variety was created in El Salvador by the Salvadoran Institute for Coffee Research (ISIC), as part of a 30-year breeding program begun in 1958. The variety is a cross between Pacas, a high-yielding and hardy local variety, and Maragogype, known for producing huge seeds. Pacamara produces the same oversized beans as Maragogype, but with the excellent cup quality and yield of the Pacas side of the family.

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