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Ethiopia | Worka Chelchele (Anaerobic)


Strawberry Cordial | Jasmine Green Tea | White Grape

Altitude | 1945-1970 MASL  
Process | Natural
Variety | Local Landraces & JARC varieties
Fermentation | Anaerobic

Get set for summer with this beautiful light Yirgacheffe! All the tea and floral notes the region is famous for are here in this delicate coffee along with different fresh fruits that make themselves known as the brew cools.

The Worka Chelchele washing station serves the local smallholders who cultivate plots of an average of 5 hectares. This station has been working with the local organisation Tracon Coffee over the last five years to develop some experimental fermentation techniques with the aim of adding value to the farmers' produce as well as helping the station stand out in arguably the most celebrated coffee-growing area on the globe.

Experimental fermentation in coffee often elicits the same polarised response that we used to associate with the washed-natural debate. For every coffee lover searching for exciting and unorthodox flavours, there is a purist concerned that the underlying quality and flavour is being submerged and the value of farmer's work throughout the year is being lost. We try to aim for the common ground - coffees that give a clear nod to origin while enjoying the subtle overtones that fermentation offers.

Whereas fermentation is a normal part of the processing of cherries in Ethiopia, in this case the fermentation container is sealed airtight. This means that the container's oxygen is soon used up and the microbes are forced to feed on other gases, primarily carbon dioxide, producing alternative flavours to what we would expect from the traditional method.