Ethiopia Natural (Organic) | Bobea Uke

Raspberry | Rose Water | Sherry Trifle


Altitude | 2200 MASL

Process | Natural

Variety | Mixed Heirloom



This coffee was destined for the Brewers Cup! Our Head of Coffee, in our cafe, Arvind Khedun, had chosen this coffee and was all set to compete! Then along came COVID-19. It's a real treat and something different as a natural! 

Beginning with a few drying beds, Abiyot Boru has slowly built up the Bobea Uke drying station one bed at a time until he was able to construct a concrete drying station. His natural coffees, bought from local Odo Shakiso smallholders, have been gaining an international reputation in the last three years and he is hoping to add a washing facility soon so he can offer a more diverse range of processes.

The quality that really drew us to this coffee was the surprising cleanliness of the cup - an unusual boast for a naturally dried coffee. This really speaks to the care Abiyot and his team show in evenly drying the cherries and helps bring out the natural sweetness and juiciness of these high altitude coffees. 

At the station, the cherries are sun-dried at temperatures that range from 18-25 degrees. They are dried for 12 to 16 days, depending on weather, and sent to Addis Ababa for milling.

Brewing tips by Arvind

  • Brewing recipe is 16g coffee / 230g of water with a total extraction time 2 minute 50 seconds with a final brew 185ml of coffee.
  • Start the blooming with 50ml of water for 30 seconds then add 120ml of water after blooming then at 1 minute 45 seconds add 40ml of water with total brewing time 2 minute 50 seconds. Water temperature at 95 degrees.

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