El Piñal | Peru

White Grape | Praline | Baked Apple


Process | Washed

Variety | Caturra, Bourbon

Altitude | 1800 MASL


El Piñal is a 2-hectare farm near Agua Colorada in Huabal, Cajamarca, in the north of Peru. The owner, Luis Cordova Rafael, has been growing coffee there since 2015.

The coffee is selectively picked, fermented for 25 hours before being washed, and then dried under shade over 20-30 days. This prolonged fermentation and drying gives rise to a very clean and bright coffee

Peru is one of the biggest producers of Arabica and has all the right conditions for producing exceptional coffees. However, lack of infrastructure, the remoteness of the farms, and the very small average farm size have historically meant that very few high-quality microlots have been able to be separated out, and farmers haven't been able to access the higher prices that quality production can bring. This is gradually starting to change though, and  we're delighted to be able to bring you this lot which exemplifies the potential for distinctive coffees from Peru.

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