Home Brew V60 Coffee Pack / Save €15.85

The V60 Drip Coffee Kit is front and centre of every home enthusiasts coffee cupboard. The technique and style allows the user to step back from the rush and panic of everyday life and just breathe.  

This pack includes everything you need to begin making cafe quality V60 coffees at home. Set up as 1-2 cup option. SAVE €15.85 by purchasing this bundle. The kit includes:

    • 250g of our headline blend (SAM or HENRY)
    • V60 dripper
    • V60 filter papers (100)
    • V60 range server
    • Hario scales
    • Hario Mini Slim grinder
    • Cloud Picker stirrer 
    • Cloud Picker organic cotton drawstring bag

To help you on your way, here is a recipe we would use day to day for the V60. This recipe is designed for one cup, if brewing for two simple double the grams in this recipe:

    1. Place filter paper into the V60, and place it on top of your cup or server.

    2. Rinse filter paper with hot water and discard water after filtered through, this warms the cup whilst getting rid of the paper taste. 

    3. Grind 15g of coffee and place it in the filter. Coffee should be ground more coarse than espresso to allow water to fall through the coffee more easily.

    4. Even out the grounds in the V60 by lightly tapping to create a flatbed. Slowly pour in 50g of water, this should sit just above the coffee grinds. 

      Give the grounds a gentle stir to ensure all grounds are wet, wait for water to filter through coffee 15-30 seconds.This waiting period creates a bloom on top and gives time for gasses in the coffee to escape.

    5. The water from your kettle should be in the 90-96 degrees celsius range. No temperature controlled kettle? Wait two minutes after the kettle has boiled and your temperature will be thereabouts in that range.

      Pour the water slowly in the circular motion, from the outside towards the centre, this will help ensure all coffee grounds are evenly filtered.

    6. Continue pouring more water until your cup weighs in at 250g, if making two cups you simply double the grounds and water used, and so on.  Keep the pour fairly even and soft, we don't want the grounds disturbed too much from this point.

    7. One final gentle stir at this point will give the coffee grounds a final setting ensuring again all grounds have been evenly filtered.

    8. The end product is a bright, delightfully balanced cup of coffee that can have floral, fruity, nut, or chocolate notes depending on the origin of the beans you have chosen.

    Have a play and most importantly... have fun! 

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