Colours V17 | Seasonal Espresso | Costa Rica-La Cuesta-Honey

A Colour Explosion - for those who live & love life! 


Cherry | Walnut | Grapefruit


Altitude | 1700 MASL

Process | Honey 

Variety | Catuai


Our newest edition of Colours is a flavourful Costa Rican, exciting on all brewing methods, we are delighted to present to you, La Cuesta.

Don Orlando, the owner of La Cuesta, uses the Palmichal mill to process his coffee cherries. For the honey process, they leave as much mucilage as possible on the beans and when drying on the patios, the coffee is moved constantly every hour. It takes 12 days to get to the right moisture content. It is this constant care and attention to detail that makes this season's Colours such a treat. 


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