Colours V14 - Seasonal Espresso

For those who like to keep things fresh and enjoy life with a few drops of Colour!


Region – Huehuetenango
Altitude – 1750 Masl
Process – Fully Washed
Varietal – Typica, Bourbon, Pache

Apricot / Hazelnut / Molasses


The Huehuetenango region is located in the north west of Guatemala near the Mexican border. The Cuchumanates mountain range cross this region, peaking at 3828m altitude. The warm winds coming from the Mexican plains mean that the Guatemalans have been able to grow coffee at up to 2000m altitude.

The Maya coffee plants grow between 1750m altitude under shade of natural forests which ensure slow cherry maturation and a surprising aromatic complexity. The exclusively limestone rock subsoil gives the coffee a unique taste specific to this region. 

We roast this coffee with espresso in mind. However it works very well as filter.


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