Colours V15 - Seasonal Espresso

A Colour Explosion - for those who live & love life! 


Farm - Several small producers
Washing Station - Tarime
RegionMara (Tanzania)
Process – Fully Washed
Varietal – K7
Altitude – 1400MASL 


Raspberry / Almond / Molasses

This version of colours is an explosion of flavours! It has a super sweet  profile with a full body, which will stand out in an espresso, nutty and quite frankly, delicious! Also works well as filter.

This year is the first year that the Coffee Exchange was bypassed when buying this coffee. This way the farmer will obtain a better price for their coffee in return for their efforts in terms of quality, traceability and a long term partnership. Prepared in the Tarime washing station and AB graded. 

Enjoy Folks!

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