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Brazil | Cruz Alta

Marzipan | Roast Hazelnut | Butterscotch

Altitude | 1100 masl

Process | Natural

Variety | Red Bourbon, Yellow Catuai,
Red Catuai, Mundo Novo, Catucai 2sl



Fazenda Cruz Alta had its first planting in 1923 when Ladário Deodoro da Silva took on the land and turned to coffee to support his family. Many years on, his grandson, Enison Lopes Ferreira, is continuing in the family footsteps on the Cruz Alta farm with help from his younger brother and three children.

In 2016, the family began a quality project to guide the planting of speciality coffee over the next ten years. The initiative has seen the farm move to particularly focus on soil characteristics, altitude, sun position and varieties before new crops are planted. They have also invested in improved post-harvest production including suspended terraces to get the best out of their top lots.

Ibiraci means the the "tree mother" in the Tupi language, one of the few regions to keep its indigenous name. The village and region of the same name are located on a plateau, giving it a higher altitude and thus an advantage in growing quality coffee compared to neighbouring areas!