Established in 2013 by Frank Kavanagh & Peter Sztal.
Having worked in graphic design and corporate banking respectively, we took the leap and opened up our own coffee roastery. The name Cloud Picker came from our trip to Northern Thailand where we visited a coffee farm in the Doi Chang area on the Thai / Burma border and where we went up through the clouds to see the coffee pickers! 

Frank Kavanagh Peter Sztal
Cloud Picker is Dublin City’s first micro coffee roastery. We hand roast to order on the esteemed Giesen roaster. Borne from passion, curiosity and the quest to create a unique coffee product for the Irish market. While we roast on Sheriff street, our café is in Science Gallery (www.sciencegallery.com) on Pearse Street. Feel free to pop in and say hello and grab a coffee. As well as the Science Gallery Café we also wholesale to cafés and restaurants around the city and nationwide.


It's very important for us to know where our coffee is grown, the conditions of the farms and how the coffee pickers are treated. To do this we travelled to origin and in 2013 we went to Brazil and met with Felipe & Marcos Croce of FAF Coffees and in 2014 we went to El Salvador, Nicaragua and Guatemala. Here we met with farmers such as Emilio Lopez of Cuatro M cafés. Since this, we have been importing from their farms. It is through this work that we aim for build longterm relationships while also further ensuring we receive top quality green coffee.
Brazil Cupping Bowls Sao Paulo Cafe FAF Coffees Lab Sao Paulo
Coffee Cherries El Salvador El Salvador Manzano Farm Burning Coffee Parchment Cuatro M El Manzano
El Manzano Cuatro M El Manzano
Orange Bourbon
El Manzano Cupping
Coffee Cherries El Manzano Coffee Tag Coffee Coop Coffee Truck
Guatemala Coffee Cherries Washed Coffee Sacks / Green Stock Coffee Drying Patios Coffee Pickers


We seek & foster longterm relationships whether you are a supplier or customer. 

We buy quality green beans from traceable coffee farms resulting in a quality product.

We create a happy environment for the Cloud Picker team to grow!