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Decaf Subscription (12 months prepaid)

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We always have amazing tasting decafs on offer, these coffees are chosen and roasted with the prerequisite to be equally as tasty as their caffeine based friends. Every three months or so we will have a delightful new Decaf to showcase!


Santos | Brazil (Swiss Water - Chemical Free) 


Dark Chocolate | Malt | Toasted Almonds

Region | Santos, Brazil
Altitude | 900-1100 MASL
Process | Natural
Decaffeination | Swiss Water Process
Variety | Bourbon, Catuai

Our last Swiss Water Process decaf from Brazil was really popular when we introduced it about two years ago. There is something about the homely notes of chocolate and nut, not to mention smooth body, that lends itself to a really tasty decaf.

The Swiss Water Process first involves the production of Green Coffee Extract (GCE) which is created using a batch of coffee beans soaked in water. After the water removes the caffeine as well as other flavour compounds, the beans are disposed of and this liquid is filtered to remove the caffeine. This is done with carbon filters: once these pull out all the caffeine, the GCE can be used once again to remove caffeine from the beans.

Because of the flavour compounds already in this liquid, the beans will retain these compounds while releasing their caffeine as soluble compounds will continually move from bean to liquid until they reach a point of equilibrium. The process normally takes about 10 hours and is constantly monitored until the beans are 99.9% caffeine free.

This coffee has been selected for the decaffeination from three groups in Brazil: Prata Pereira Com IMP EXP, COFCO BRASIL S.A. and Outspan Brazil. As is customary for blends of this nature, the designation of Santos reflects the famous port by São Paulo whence this coffee leaves Brazil. From this port, this coffee was taken to Vancouver for decaffeination.

You can now enjoy coffee well into the night! Bliss!