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Colombia | Acevedo

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Passion Fruit | Rose | Crème Brûlée

Region | Huila, Acevedo
Altitude | 1600 MASL
Process | Honey
Variety | Pink Bourbon


For the past four years, Aroma Nativo has been like a bridge, connecting the unsung heroes of Colombian coffee farming with the world's specialty coffee drinkers. In 2022, Luis Marcelino, the heart and soul behind Aroma Nativo, launched the Veci Project.

This beautiful collaboration brought together coffee producers, rich in knowledge but short on resources, with Aroma Nativo's expertise in fermentation and their cozy processing facilities in the lush landscapes of Huila. Together, they've been turning dreams into delicious reality.

In places like Acevedo, once no-go zones, now lie the heartbeats of Colombia's Specialty Coffee Paradise, thanks to their unique climates and the dedicated efforts of the community. It's here that the Pink Bourbon, a coffee variety as unique as its name, undergoes a magical transformation. Luis chooses only the ripest coffee cherries to undergo a double fermentation process - first, snug in their skins, then mingling with native bacteria and special yeasts. After basking in a parabolic dryer for 14 days, then resting in a temperature-controlled room for three months, maturing into the perfect cup of coffee that culminated in the creation of Cloud Picker's own, Gabriel, placing 3rd in the Irish Brewers Cup by using the Pink Bourbon as a part of his Acevedo blend!

Taste the Magic!