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Ethiopia | Bombe


Peach | Lavender | Strawberry Jam

Region | Bensa District, Sidama
 Altitude | 1950 MASL

Process | Natural
Variety | Local Landraces 

We tried some really great coffees from Bombe in the last year by various top roasters around Europe. It was no major surprise then to find the new crop fared really well in our blind cupping of Ethiopian samples.

As is normal in Ethiopia, the processing station at Bombe village serves the smallholder farmers in the region surrounding it. The station in managed by DWD, a company which also manages a number of other stations in the Sidama region.

Dukale Wakayo runs the station, a man well known in the area for his sparkling volleyball career. He was born in the Bensa District to coffee farmer parents and began his career as a sugarcane trader before moving into the world of coffee.