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We have built strong links with our brokers and are now strengthening links with the coffee farmers. We visited many coffee growing countries overs the years. In early 2020 we visited a pioneering fourth generation female farmer of Cafe Lumbus, Catalina Vasquez, whom we have worked with in 2019 and are keen to work with more into the future. 

Fair trade 

We don’t align with any ‘fair trade’ companies. We find their very concept has the exact opposite effect and alienates the smaller farmer with high entry fees and thus only the bigger farmers can participate. We prefer to visit the farms, work with brokers we trust and who source ethically and in turn allow the smaller farms to flourish.

Green coffee sourcing 

We source our green coffee from producers that promote sustainable farming practices. For example most coffee growing countries have water shortages so it's really great to see farms like Catalina's adopting water practices that see that water is used up to 5 times in the coffee process before its cleaned and sent down stream. 

At the core

We seek & foster longterm relationships whether you are a supplier or customer. 

We buy quality green beans from traceable coffee farms resulting in a quality product.

We create a happy environment for the Cloud Picker team to grow!