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Colombia | Asociación Palestina

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Caramel | Marmalade | Dark Chocolate

Region | Palestina, Huila

Fermentation | Anaerobic

Altitude | 1750 masl

Process | Natural

Variety | Pink Bourbon

As featured in the amazing Standart Magazine - December 2021 Issue 25. If you subscribe directly to Standart you will be lucky enough to receive a 30g sample of this coffee in a bespoke bag with QR code! Likewise buy any issue of Standart from us and we'll include a FREE 30g Sample!

Below you will find cupping notes from our own cafe Head of Coffee, and Irish Barista champion, Arvind Khedun.

Palestina, sitting in the South of Huila, is responsible for many of that famous department's most lauded coffees. Palestina producers are a regular feature on the Colombian Cup of Excellence table, with each year's outstanding yield of the area's experimental varieties, including many Gesha and the "Bourbon Rosado" or Pink Bourbon, a Colombian favourite.

This coffee is a Pink Bourbon offering from the Asociación Palestina, an organisation that only produces naturally processed coffees and has a particular curiosity in experimental techniques and fermentations. This anaerobically fermented coffee is a great example of what can be achieved with this method: an intriguingly subtle dynamic is added to the acidity and finish with an additional layer of complexity rather than a blunt distortion of the coffee's pre-existing qualities.

Pink Bourbons are a rare hybridisation of Red & Yellow Bourbon varieties. It is a challenging variety to consistently produce due to its recessive gene, requiring careful isolation from other Bourbon varieties due to Red & Yellow's genetic dominance.

After 24 hours of fermentation without oxygen, the beans are dried for 25 days until they reach the desired moisture content.

We love this coffee and we hope you do too!

Here's Arvind's preferred recipe:

V60 2 Cup
16g of ground coffee
First pour 45sec blooming with 50g water
Second pour 100g water, slow pour
Last pour, wait till second pour water finishes dripping, then add the the final pour 100g water slow 
Total brew time 2:20 sec



Roast dates: 
Batch 1 - Included in Standart Subscription 13.11.21.
All other batches see card insert for date.

100g is packaged in the bag.
250g is packaged in the box.
Please recycle every bit!